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Why Your Home Needs a Gas Fireplace This Winter Denver, NC
Corner Fireplace with Gas Logs

There are many misconceptions about gas fireplaces. Many believe they are expensive to install, you need a lot of space or that they need to be installed in certain areas. Newer gas fireplaces are much different than those of years ago. Modern designs have many benefits over their predecessors. Take a look at the many benefits of adding a gas fireplace to your home this winter, and then decide if this is an upgrade your home needs.

Visually Transform the Room

A fireplace is the focal point of any room. It draws guests’ attention both visually and physically, as it is warm and inviting. With numerous sizes and styles available now, you can choose the fireplace that best matches the room’s décor and atmosphere you are creating. Because of the newest technology and space-saving designs, you don’t need as much space to install a gas fireplace.

Reduce Heating Costs

A gas fireplace is incredibly efficient at heating a room, especially spacious ones. This can reduce your heating costs compared to using your traditional HVAC alone. Our North Carolina winters aren’t typically as extreme as in some areas, but staying warm by the fire on a cold evening is hard to pass up.

Calming Atmosphere

Why is that hard to pass up? Reading a book while the house is quiet or enjoying a long chat with a friend is already enjoyable. But doing these things besides a warm fireplace makes them more comfortable and calming. You can enjoy the time to yourself or with your friends and family in the relaxed, calming ambiance of your room with a gas fireplace.

Can Be Used in Power Outages

When the weather does get severe and we experience power outages, your HVAC system will be out of the question. This can be troublesome, especially during cold winter storms. The elderly or those with children shouldn’t be worried about staying warm without power during an outage. This is where having a gas fireplace comes in handy. Many are functional even without power, making them an incredible asset in your home.

Easy to Use, Low Maintenance

Gas fireplaces are very easy to use. Some will start and stop with just the push of a button or are operated by remote control, so you don’t even have to get up from the couch. They are also highly efficient, as we mentioned, and come with very little maintenance required. A checkup each year before winter is enough to ensure it is ready for the cold weather and keeping you and your family warm.

Inexpensive Home Upgrade

Installing a gas fireplace is a relatively inexpensive home upgrade. Considering how often you will use the fireplace and its many benefits, like using it in a power outage, it is a worthwhile investment in your home. Unlike traditional fireplaces, the installation is much easier and faster. It also requires fewer construction materials. All of this saves on overall costs.

Increase Property Value

A gas fireplace can increase the resale value of your home if you ever plan on selling it in the future. The exact reasons you would enjoy the fireplace, like the inviting atmosphere and reduced heating costs, will motivate buyers when listing your home for sale or rent. The increased property value gives you more equity that you may need later for borrowing or other future upgrades. The return on investment with a gas fireplace more than makes up for the initial cost of installation.

Quality Propane is ready to help with installation or upkeep for your new gas fireplace along with regular and on-time deliveries of the propane that your home needs this winter. Contact us today to set up an appointment with our sales team.

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