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Why Cooking with Propane is the Superior Choice Denver, NC
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If you are spending more time at home or have a growing family, quality meals take on greater importance in life. An electric stove may have made the grade in the past, but there is just so substituting the benefits you get from cooking with propane. For the best results with a fraction of the fuss, here’s why a propane gas stove meets the gold standard.

Precision Heat Distribution

The electric stove that will give you total control over heat distribution has not been invented. Not all foods are cooked at the same temperature, nor should heat focus on the bottom of a cooking vessel. With propane, you can easily adjust the distribution of temperature to ensure that every dish is evenly cooked through.

Precision heat distribution makes food look and taste better. From the gentlest simmer to a power boil, propane gas controls do it all. You do not have the ability to adjust an electric stove in such a way that achieves even heat throughout a pot or pan in this way. Even the most amateurish cook can cook a juicy medium-to-well steak without turning the outside of the meat to leather. On the flipside, if you like your beef rare, propane is the best way to avoid overcooking.

Hotspots are the bane of dishes such as fish or delicate sauces. On an electric stove, this is often illustrated by a portion of the dish (usually in the middle) turning darker or burning. Although you can combat this by paying closer attention to the pan when cooking, even a minimal burn can taint the taste of your food. With delicate ingredients, the problem is not as easy to avoid. When the bottom of a cooking vessel overheats while the middle and top remain relatively cool, you may not notice the issue until it is too late to rescue the dish.

Propane Gas Stove Options

For those home cooks who enjoy grilling, a model that includes a center burner is ideal. In many cases, these stoves are designed to accommodate accessories used for different styles of cooking. For instance, a BBQ grill is perfect for recreating those outdoor favorites even during the colder months of fall and winter.

Let’s face it, if you are committed to making the best meals possible with a propane stove, you will want the same for roasting and baking. Convection ovens offer the same even temperature controls that you get from using a propane stove. From ensuring your vegetables are evenly cooked through to producing cakes worthy of a master baker, you can’t go wrong with a high quality convection oven.

One of the many issues that occur with older ovens is the likelihood of roasted and baked foods drying out. A propane oven can help you eliminate this problem due to producing a moister heat than their electric counterparts. Most oven-cooked foods should contain even a little moisture, unless you want to risk breaking a tooth biting into a rock-hard cookie or beef rib.

Preparing food faster and not starting from scratch after a dish burns are money saving benefits of using propane. It is also worth noting that preheating a propane oven takes less time than with an electric oven. All that time saved means more money in your pocket from not wasting gas.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of cooking with propane gas, the team at Quality Propane is always happy to help. Just give our Denver, North Carolina, offices a call today to discuss your needs and we will guide you through all our products and services.

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