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Spring Maintenance Checks for Your Aboveground Propane Tank Denver, NC
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Winter weather can wreak havoc on your outdoor fixtures and your aboveground propane tank is no different. While most propane tanks remain safe and serviceable for many years, after a harsh winter, your tank requires inspection and maintenance to ensure it remains in optimal working condition. It’s important to understand the essential components to examine, the warning signs of potential problems and the right time to seek service and repairs. By taking the time to inspect your propane tank and accessories, you can ensure they’re functioning properly, keeping your home safe and energy efficient.

Components to Check

The complexity of the system may seem overwhelming, but there are plenty of things you can look for that don’t require you to know everything about propane installation. However, when you do your inspection, it’s important to know when to call in the experts.

  1. First, inspect the tank for signs of rust, corrosion or damage. Look for any dents or cracks that may have resulted from winter weather conditions. If you find any, call your service provider and have them take a look. They can tell if the issue is simply cosmetic or something more serious.
  2. Next, examine the regulator, valves, fittings and connectors for any signs of corrosion or wear. If you find any areas of concern, have the service team come out to inspect them.
  3. Finally, inspect the piping for damage, such as cracks, dents or signs of wear. Make sure that the pipes are securely fastened and properly supported to prevent stress on the connections.

Don’t forget to examine the safety relief valve, ensuring it is clean and unobstructed. This essential component releases excess pressure from the tank, preventing potentially hazardous situations. It should be routinely checked throughout the year and kept free of snow, ice and other debris.

If you do find a problem, never try to repair it yourself, as it’s a job best left to the professionals for safety reasons. Book an appointment with your local propane service provider as soon as possible for fast and reliable repairs.

Signs of Trouble with an Aboveground Propane Tank

Homeowners often worry they won’t know the difference between something important that needs to be looked at and something urgent that requires a service professional immediately. If you follow the basic checks and have small problems fixed, you’ll avoid most costly and potentially dangerous situations. However, if you encounter these problems, it’s an emergency:

  • Propane Odor: If you detect the smell of propane near your tank or in your home, it may indicate a leak. Immediately turn off the gas supply, evacuate the area and call your propane company or a qualified technician for assistance.
  • Hissing or Whistling Sounds: Unusual sounds coming from the tank, valves or piping could signal a leak or other issue. If you hear these noises, promptly contact your propane company or a professional technician and follow their instructions.
  • Frost or Ice Formation: Frost or ice buildup on the tank, valves or piping may suggest a leak or malfunctioning regulator. Contact a professional right away for advice on how to proceed.

Even if you don’t encounter these critical situations, if you see anything you’re unsure about, don’t hesitate to contact a qualified technician. Regularly scheduled professional maintenance and inspections can help prevent issues and ensure the safe, efficient operation of your propane system.

The Importance of a Reliable Propane Service Company

A dependable propane delivery and services company plays a vital role in maintaining your home’s safety and efficiency. These professionals provide timely deliveries, thorough inspections and expert repairs, ensuring your propane system is in optimal working condition. Reach out to Quality Propane Inc. today and enjoy peace of mind knowing your home remains safe and energy efficient.

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