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Signs Your Propane Tank Needs Repair Denver, NC
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Propane is a cost-effective choice for many homes and businesses in the Charlotte area. Electrical systems may take 60 minutes to heat your water tank, whereas propane can accomplish this task in less than half the time. In addition, propane appliances are often as much as 50% more energy efficient than comparable electric models, saving you money in the long run.

Anything from stormy weather to a wayward squirrel can knock out the electric grid for you and your neighbors. Propane is not affected by electrical power outages, so you will be able to heat your home or business or prepare food even if disaster strikes.

Propane is a sound environmental choice for your property. Boasting low emissions, propane burns cleaner than other fossil fuels. In addition, it will not contaminate your soil or enter the water system, protecting local flora and fauna.

You will find a plastic collar on the top of your propane tank. You can identify numbers indicating the manufacturing date and the expected date for requalification. These dates allow you to estimate the maximum durability of your tank, but it may require professional attention sooner than you think. With that in mind, it is important to be aware of signs that your tank may need repairing or replacement. Quality Propane Inc. recommends the following tips to keep ahead of your tank’s health.

Check the Quality of the Flame

A propane tank that is combusting at an optimal level should produce a distinctive bright blue flame. Any other color of flame indicates an internal issue with your tank and should be immediately assessed by a professional. Poor combustion can lead to the internal temperature of your tank increasing to unsafe levels, with potentially disastrous consequences.

If your tank is not producing a flame at all or struggles to stay lit, you may have a leak in the system. Propane tanks are equipped with a safety mechanism to cut off power if the supply is not running properly.

Something Smells Bad

In its natural state, propane gas is completely odorless. However, an additive called ethyl mercaptan is mixed with liquid propane in the manufacturing stage. This makes any propane escaping into the air immediately detectable. It is a very distinctive smell most often compared to rotten eggs, boiled cabbage or a decomposing animal. Leaking propane is very dangerous and should not be ignored. Contact a professional immediately.

As an additional safety measure, alarms designed to detect trace amounts of propane in the air are commercially available. These are an unobtrusive way to give you an early warning of any leaks.

Regularly Inspect Your Tank

Propane tanks are designed to be very strong and resistant to piercing damage. Your tank is likely constructed from aluminum or stainless steel. Both these materials are designed to resist corrosion and rust, but that does not mean they are impervious. Over time, you may notice brownish-red rust spots appearing on your tank. Although this does not require immediate action, it is time to plan for replacement or repair. Do not allow rust to persist indefinitely, as once a tank completely corrodes, it could explode.

Are You Constantly Buying Refills?

Every homeowner has a fair idea of their own fuel usage. If you notice that your propane tank needs to be filled more than usual, first consider if your consumption has increased. Unexpected cold weather or hosting guests for an extended period can increase your propane needs. If there is no identifiable reason that you are using more propane, you might be wasting propane through a system leak or corroded tank. Schedule a service or replacement as soon as possible.

Quality Propane Inc. offers unparalleled service in servicing, replacing, and repairing propane tanks in the Charlotte area. We are experienced with all sizes and types of tanks, including above and below ground. In addition, our 24-hour emergency service ensures that your propane emergency will be dealt with safely and promptly. Speak to one of our service technicians today.

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