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Protect Your Home This Winter with These Propane Gas Safety Tips Denver, NC
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Do you rely on propane to heat your home during the winter season? Even though North Carolina winters can be milder than winters up north, you still need to be prepared to keep warm and comfortable. Getting the most from your tanks can prevent expensive damage and repairs. Here are five propane gas safety tips to help you protect your home this winter.

Ensure Safe Access

Safe access for propane gas refills is essential. If a delivery driver is unable to access the tanks during harsh weather conditions, you could be left cold and uncomfortable in your home. Make sure to shovel or plow any snow in your driveway and melt ice to prevent injuries from falls. There should be at least eight feet of clear space for wider trucks to bring gas refill deliveries.

Inspect vents around your home for blockages that can lead to carbon monoxide buildup in your home. You may also want to remove any vegetation around the tanks to ensure propane gas safety.

Provide Clear Visibility of Propane Tanks

Accumulated snow can make tanks difficult to see. You could accidentally damage your equipment if you use a snowblower. Before a snow storm occurs, you can ensure propane gas safety by marking your tanks with colored flags or tall poles to provide clear visibility.

Maintain an Adequate Supply for Propane Gas Safety

Running out of propane during the winter can be dangerous. Colder temperatures can deplete your supply faster and leave you unprotected if you fail to pay attention. If there is a lack of pressure in the tanks, the propane may be unable to convert to a gaseous form to heat your home. Empty tanks increase the risk for leaks and damage to equipment or your home. Keeping a full tank at all times can help prevent numerous propane gas safety issues.

Inspect gauges on a regular basis and keep a backup supply that will last at least a week. When your tanks are at 35%, reach out to your provider to schedule a propane gas refill. If you forget, Quality Propane offers 24-hour emergency services to help keep you safe this winter.

Practice Safe Storage

Proper storage is a vital factor in propane gas safety. Enclosed spaces like sheds and garages can be hazardous locations for propane cylinders. Keep any equipment and appliances using propane outdoors at least five feet away from your home in a well-ventilated area. Tanks should be stored in an upright position in order to prevent leaks.

Covering the tanks with insulated blankets can lead to safety issues. If you must cover your tank during extreme temperatures, an electric heating blanket specifically made for propane tanks may be an ideal choice. Contact an experienced technician if you have concerns about proper storage for your home.

Create a Propane Gas Safety Emergency Plan

Emergencies can happen when you least expect, no matter what weather conditions you may face this winter. Be prepared by creating an emergency plan to address common propane gas safety issues. Your plan may include knowing the signs of a propane leak, how to shut off the supply and how to evacuate your home. Keep a list of emergency contacts, including all utility companies and your propane service provider, near your phone for convenient access. Schedule an inspection as soon as possible to detect any potential problems before inclement weather occurs in your area.

Personalized Service for Propane Gas Safety

Quality Propane specializes in personalized services to meet all your needs with propane gas safety. Stay warm and comfortable with propane gas refills, installations and repairs with exceptional customer service from experienced technicians. Protect your home by calling for service today.

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