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Prepare Your Home for Winter with Propane Appliances Denver, NC

Propane is an efficient and convenient fuel option for creating heat in your home. If you already have propane appliances or are considering adding a propane tank for your home in Charlotte, NC, fall is the time to prepare for the cooler winter weather ahead. There are many options to consider for keeping your home warm and cozy with propane this winter and Quality Propane is ready to help.

Why Propane?

At Quality Propane, we know the benefits of using propane for a wide variety of residential and commercial uses. If you are considering adding a propane tank for your home or residential shop, it is an excellent choice for many reasons. Propane is a cleaner-burning gas and offers environmental, cost and convenience benefits for those who install a tank at their home. You can run almost any appliance on propane that can be powered with electricity, which is a wonderful benefit when the power inevitably goes out. Before the winter storms hit, consider the following installations to keep your home warm this winter.

Propane Gas Heaters
Whether you want to add a small heater for your workshop or heat your entire home, propane gas heaters are an economical option. There are a wide variety of sizes and styles to choose from that can provide efficient heat safely for your residential structure. Propane is plentiful and cost-effective for heating your home, which is why so many of our customers have switched to propane heating. Our propane technicians can install your new gas heater before winter arrives or provide service and maintenance on your existing propane heater.

Propane Fireplaces
Like gas heaters, propane fireplaces can provide heat for your home in the cooler North Carolina winters. Gas fireplaces offer a more stylish option that can add a cozy element to your home. You can choose from a wide assortment of styles to match your décor, adding beauty and value to your home. Propane gas fireplaces give you the comfort and relaxation of an interior fire without the hassle of burning wood inside your home. No ashes to remove or logs to bring in – just turn it on and enjoy the dancing flames.

Gas Log Inserts
If you love the appearance of a wood fireplace but want the convenience and eco-friendliness of propane, gas log inserts are a wonderful option. Our team at Quality Propane can install a gorgeous gas log insert for your propane fireplace that will add charm to your home. There are countless different styles you can choose from, whether you want a classic wood fireplace appearance or a more modern, contemporary style. The best part? No dirty wood or bugs coming into your home to feed your fire.

Gas Water Heaters
When a winter storm hits and the power is out, it can be nice to know that you have access to hot water. If you switch to a propane water heater, you may not need to worry about taking a cold shower this winter. Propane offers a cost-effective option for fueling your water heater and it can continue to heat even when the electricity goes out. Our propane experts at Quality Propane can perform a new water heater installation to ensure you will have hot water all winter long.

Your Propane Experts In Denver, NC

At Quality Propane, we have been serving the greater Denver, Hickory and Lincolnton, NC area for many years. We believe in putting our customers first and providing exceptional service for all their propane needs. If you are ready to add a new propane appliance for this winter or install a new propane tank on your property, give us a call to schedule your service.

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Everyone was very polite and knowledgeable and happy to help. Prices were very competive or better than other propane companies. It's nice to call and speak to a real local person.

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I appreciated you all working with me to get the tank filled, hooked up and tested in time for me to close on my new house. You made a special effort to come out and meet my deadline even though I had not left you enough lead time. Thanks

Roseann F.

From the beginning of our phone conversation to the day they delivered the tank, we received great customer service. Thank you!

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