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Pool Heating With Propane Denver, NC
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Warmer temperatures are finally here, and while it may seem like it is too cool to go swimming, for those with backyard pools, there is a way to heat up the chilly pool water. If you have made the investment in a private pool, you want to use it as often as possible! You can get your pool up to a comfortable temperature quickly with a powered pool heater. A propane pool heater can have your pool ready for a dip in May while also extending the time that you can enjoy it into the fall.

Propane gas can be used to heat pool heaters of every size for underground or above-ground pools. It is essential to ensure that the propane pool heater is sized correctly in order for it to heat your pool to a balmy, comfortable temperature in just a few days. Once the pool reaches the desired temperature, a propane pool heater will automatically keep the pool water at just the right temperature. A pool heater will allow you to enjoy your pool before many people even uncover theirs!

Pool Heating Options: Propane vs. Heat Pumps

In 2020, many homeowners found that they were not allowed to use public pools or even pools that they paid dues for through a Homeowners Association (HOA). Many homeowners chose to invest in having a pool put in their backyards so that they could have a space to enjoy throughout the hot summer months. With the installation of pools, there was also a rise in pool heating purchases.

When it comes to heating a backyard pool, homeowners have two options: propane gas-fired or electric heat pumps. Both options are very effective. People often choose heat pumps because they require less maintenance and do have a high efficiency. However, there are substantial advantages to choosing a propane unit to heat your pool.

Advantages of Propane

Capability – Heat pumps require warm, humid weather to transfer the energy from the air to the pool. Because the nights are still quite cool in spring and temperatures drop quickly in fall, this hampers the ability of a heat pump to warm your pool adequately when you want it most.

Cost of Operation – While it is hard to nail down an exact number, heat pumps can cost more to operate when temperatures fluctuate drastically, even with high efficiency.

Temperature Rise – Heat pumps are designed to raise pool water temperatures through long run cycles. These long run cycles mean that there is a slow recovery time when temperatures suddenly drop. A properly sized gas heater is able to get temperatures up much faster than a comparable heat pump.

Electric Demand – It is always important that you take into consideration how much electric service is required for your entire home. Multiple air conditioner units and a pool heat pump can most definitely put a strain on your system. This strain can cause your electric bills to skyrocket throughout the months that you operate your pool.

There are no guarantees in life, and as the COVID-19 virus is still looming, no one knows for sure what the summer of 2021 will look like. Homeowners who have invested in a backyard pool want to use this personal amenity as frequently as possible. Contact Quality Propane to discuss your options for pool heating. We can help you get an idea of your cost for the season. We are pleased to provide the highest quality services to residential clients in Denver, North Carolina, and the surrounding areas.

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Steve & Melinda Semer

We contacted Quality Propane after many incidents of poor customer service with our previous propane provider. From the beginning we noticed a difference. They came out immediately and gave us a brand new tank, hooked it up, and filled it on the day they had arranged with us. Since then, we have enjoyed their ‘flawless automatic service.’ We always have propane available for out ‘Chimnea’ fireplace in our living room. It is truly the best decision that we’ve made

Clark & Donna Little

We recently purchased a home where upon inspection of our propane furnace and gas logs by Quality Propane found several issues that needed attention. Tyler came out and took care of everything. He was very thorough and took time to explain our systems, even set us up with a new remote control and thermostat that work great! From our very first call, the service has been outstanding. I am so glad we called. Certainly is obvious why our neighbors and friends all use them. In our view, their "Worry Free Service Guarantee" is an understatement. It is a sincere pleasure working with such a great company. Thank you Tyler, Terry, Vickie and the whole team!

Elizabeth Johnson

I switched from a larger propane company and am so glad that I made the switch! The service was fantastic and everyone I spoke with was just as fantastic and knowledgeable. I am a huge proponent for supporting local businesses and QP is a stellar example of the reason why. The service, knowledge, friendliness and common sense was evident. In addition, the technician expressed his gratitude and how much he liked working for QP. All signs of a great local business!

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