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How To Know When Your Gas Pipe Needs To Be Repaired Denver, NC
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If you are looking for an honest and reputable company to offer you expert gas piping services, you can turn to our hardworking professionals at Quality Propane Inc. We are highly trained to repair gas piping in all different types of applications while making as little disruption to your home or business as possible. We will keep your gas piping operating safely and efficiently.

How do you know if your gas pipe needs repaired? There are times when something obviously needs to be corrected. For instance, when a refrigerator stops keeping your food cold, you instantly know it needs to be repaired before everyone in the house gets sick. However, a gas line can be a little less obvious to know when it’s broken or defective. It’s important to identify a problem to avoid serious issues that could affect your family’s health.

Use Your Common Senses

Smell – if you begin to smell a foul odor (like a rotten egg or sulfur) it could mean you have a leak in your gas line.

Hear – Listen for a hissing or clanging sound near the area of your gas line.

Feel – Consider how you and your family members are feeling. Do any of you feel dizzy, nauseous or fatigued? If so, this could be a sign there’s a gas line leaking. If you do experience these feelings, it’s important to see a doctor for your health and call Quality Propane for repairs. Exposure to gas or carbon monoxide gas for extended periods can cause serious health issues.

Look – Use your vision to investigate for physical signs. You should look for dead or dying vegetation near the area of your gas line. You can also inspect for excess condensation on windows if your gas line is positioned near one.

Use Your Appliances

Check your indoor and outdoor appliances to see if their functions are compromised. This condition could be a sign that leaking gas is impacting your indoor or outdoor appliances. Also, check for damaged connections or your gas lines becoming visible. You can also listen for unusual sounds that might be coming from your appliances.

Use Your Accounts

Check your bank account, wallet and past gas bills to see if there’s a significant increase in your monthly expenses and less money for spending in your wallet. If you have an unexplained increase in your gas bill, it could signal to you that more gas is required to do its job due to a damaged gas line.

Keep Within The Lines

If you can see your gas lines take a look at them. Check for kinks, pinches or cracks in your lines. Ensure your gas lines are all intact. Also, check for rusting or corrosion. Rust and corrosion can eat through your lines and create a leak.

If You Suspect You Have A Gas Leak

If you suspect your home or business has a gas leak, do not ignore your suspicions. Delaying repairs to your gas lines could result in dangerous health issues, increased bills, and damage to items that are dependent upon gas for functioning.

If you suspect you have a gas leak, call Quality Propane right away. Our personalized customer service professionals will listen to your problems, and we even offer 24-hour emergency service for dangerous situations such as gas leaks.

Our Quality Propane experts will come out and diagnose and repair your gas line issues safely and efficiently with as little disturbance to your home or business as possible. We care about you, and we look forward to serving you for all your gas piping services in Denver, North Carolina. We proudly serve residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial clients in Huntersville and the surrounding areas with top quality propane gas and propane services.

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I appreciated you all working with me to get the tank filled, hooked up and tested in time for me to close on my new house. You made a special effort to come out and meet my deadline even though I had not left you enough lead time. Thanks

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From the beginning of our phone conversation to the day they delivered the tank, we received great customer service. Thank you!

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