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Get Ready for Cooler Temps with a Gas Fireplace Denver, NC
Fire Flames

They may not be here yet, but cooler temperatures are on their way to Charlotte. While you may not be thinking about a cozy, warm fire in your fireplace quite yet, you want to make sure that your home is ready for when those cold temperatures strike this winter. Now is the perfect time to get prepared for colder temps by investing in a new gas fireplace.

Here in the South, our summers can reach intense heat and last for a good two months longer than what’s on the calendar. Yet our winters are relatively mild compared to the Northern states. During the winter months, many people enjoy cozying up around a warm fire, but the hassle of a wood-burning fireplace is often more of a headache than it’s worth. A roaring wood fire needs continual tending, requires a decent amount of cleanup, and typically leaves the rest of the house freezing cold. Many parents of small children also worry about the safety of having a roaring fire inside their home. Wood fires are known for the sparks that they throw out. Many blankets and carpets have received burn holes from sparks flying out of the fireplace, and if children are in close proximity when sparks fly they can also receive burns.

Gas fireplaces are an ideal option here in the Charlotte area. Today’s gas fireplaces offer beautiful and functional style, with realistic glowing red embers and tall yellow-orange flames that flicker around like the real thing. The safety issues of a gas fireplace vs. a wood-burning fireplace are very low. With gas fireplaces there are fewer safety concerns, but there are steps you can take to ensure safe fireplace operation in your home.

  1. Keep Clear – Gas fireplaces are meant to produce heat inside your home; therefore, they can reach extremely high temperatures during operation. It is important to keep clothing, blankets, furniture, and other combustibles away from being too close.
  2. Make Sure There is a Safety Barrier – In order to prevent the risk of potential burns, make sure that a safety screen of metal or glass is securely in place while your gas fireplace is being used. **Always warn children of the risk of being burned by touching the glass or metal screen.
  3. Remain Cautious – Gas fireplaces are convenient and easy, yet you will need to remain cautious around them. Fireplaces remain hot for a period of time after use, even when they are turned off. Carefully watch children, pets, and all combustible materials during and after gas fireplace operation.

The market for gas fireplaces has expanded a great deal in the last decade. There are three types of gas fireplaces for you to choose from: inserts, built-ins, and log sets. Inserts are used to retrofit a wood-burning firebox and turn it into a gas fireplace. Built-ins are put in houses where there is no current fireplace and chimney. These two options provide reliable and radiant heat to the home. While log sets are generally used more for appearance than warmth, and they are simply set into an existing fireplace opening to create a cozy ambiance.

At Quality Propane Inc., we are pleased to offer beautiful and efficient gas fireplaces to homeowners and businesses throughout Charlotte and the surrounding areas. We not only install gas fireplaces, but we can also provide you with all the refills you need to operate your fireplace all winter long.

If you are thinking ahead and getting ready for cooler temps, contact Quality Propane Inc. today. We look forward to serving you with expert gas fireplace sales, installation, and service.

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