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Considerations For Propane Tank Installation Denver, NC
Quality Propane Tank

If you’ve chosen the clean and reliable choice of propane for your household you are among roughly 50 million other Americans (according to the National Propane Gas Association). They also state there are, “7.8 million households using propane for in-home heating.”

Statistics About Propane Use

The National Propane Gas Association provides us with other interesting and exciting statistics surrounding today’s propane usage in the United States.

  • The propane industry is growing. In 2015, the industry’s direct contribution to America’s GDP was $46.4 billion, up nearly 15% from 2012, and is responsible for more than 80,000 jobs.
  • Propane can be found on 40 percent of American farms.
  • Propane-powered irrigation engines cost less to operate and produce 11 percent less greenhouse gas emissions than diesel engines.
  • 4.6 million homes use propane for water heating, and more than 42 million homes use propane for outdoor grilling activities.
  • Propane is a clean, low-carbon fuel that produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions than many other energy options.

Propane is an environmentally responsible choice for energy. It is economical and efficient, and it is a plentiful source of energy in the United States. It is a safe choice for home and business owners as well.

Now That You’ve Chosen Propane, It’s Time To Consider Its Installment

Propane tanks can be installed above ground and underground. A licensed propane company such as Quality Propane should perform a propane tank installation. Trying to DIY your propane tank installation is both illegal and not advisable under any circumstance.

Above Ground Propane Installation

If it is determined that an above ground installation is best at your home or business, many factors will need to be taken into consideration. Our team at Quality Propane will determine the safest and best placement for your above ground propane tank. The tank must be installed on a concrete pad or blocks. Our team will guide the process of choosing appropriate tank size, navigate permitting requirements and follow the governing propane tank distance rules.

Underground Propane Installation

If it is determined that an underground propane installation is best, many factors will need to be taken into consideration. Just as we do with above ground installation, our team at Quality Propane will determine the safest and best placement for your underground propane installation. Tank size, distance rules, and permitting requirements will help guide the decision to determine where the hole is to be dug for the tank to be placed.

Choosing Above Ground Or Underground Propane Tanks

If you’re deciding which propane tank is right for your home or business, you can have a peace of mind knowing that our team at Quality Propane will help guide you in the best decision based on your particular situation and needs. We will discuss factors such as appearance, cost, security, location, climate, floating issues, and maintenance.

Appearance is one aspect that needs to be carefully considered when deciding on an above ground or underground propane tank. A discreet location is essential to the installment of an above ground propane tank. If an above ground propane tank will adversely affect the aesthetics and curb appeal of your home or business, an underground model is most likely your best option.

Quality Propane Tank Installation

Our professionals at Quality Propane are experienced in installing all different types and sizes of propane tanks, including above ground and underground tanks. We offer you propane gas, tanks and services at competitive prices and will deliver you with unparalleled service in the propane industry.

At Quality Propane, we guarantee you worry-free propane service. We’ll monitor your home’s propane supply and make sure you always have enough in your tank to adequately heat your home.

Propane is propane…service is everything!

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Everyone was very polite and knowledgeable and happy to help. Prices were very competive or better than other propane companies. It's nice to call and speak to a real local person.

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I appreciated you all working with me to get the tank filled, hooked up and tested in time for me to close on my new house. You made a special effort to come out and meet my deadline even though I had not left you enough lead time. Thanks

Roseann F.

From the beginning of our phone conversation to the day they delivered the tank, we received great customer service. Thank you!

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