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How to Find the Right BTUs for your Propane Heater

You’ve decided to make the switch to a propane heater, which is a great choice. A propane heater is cheaper than gas or a wood-burning fireplace, and burns clean. It’s non-toxic, and doesn’t harm the environment. It is safer to have in your home than natural gas because of its high burning point (it has to be much hotter to light propane than gas, making for fewer accidents).

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Vented Gas Logs vs. Vent-Free Gas Logs: Pros and Cons

Vented Gas Logs: Vented gas logs need to be burned in a wood-burning fireplace with the flue open, as they create some exhaust like burning wood does. The number one reason that people choose vented gas logs is that they look realistically like wood burning fires. That’s because of the way that the flames move, and the fact that they do produce exhaust like wood fires. The smell travels up the open flue, rather than circulating through your home.

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